3 Card Poker Online Casino Game

3 Card Poker online casino game is a game that was famously “invented” in the late 1990’s with some controversy surrounding it because there was a legal dispute over who actually retained the right to claim who invented the game. This being said, apparently the lawsuits were dropped, resulting in David Webb coming out as the main contributor to the game's invention in the 1990’s.

Why is this important you may ask? Well, thanks to David Webb, the 3 Card Poker online real money game is lauded as one of the most profitable table games ever, thanks to the fact that it is fast paced, has easy to understand rules and gameplay.  Add to that the fact that the house edge is attractive enough to garner interest from most casinos means that it is available at most online casinos.

The Game in 1, 2, 3… 

Playing with a deck of 52 cards, the player is pitted against the house / dealer throughout 50% of the game. The game can be split up in to two separate games essentially. The Pair Plus game allows the player to bet on whether they will be dealt a Pair or better, or not.  Then there is the Play / Ante game which permits the player to bet against the dealer, the aim being to see who gets dealt the highest hand.

Once all wagers have been placed, both on Play / Ante and Pair Plus, the dealer and the player each receive 3 cards. If the player has placed an Ante wager they can choose to fold or play on but this would require them to place a Play wager equal to the Ante. The cards are then turned over to reveal the hands dealt; here the dealer needs to have a Queen or higher in order to continue play.

Ante wagers are paid out 1:1 if the dealer does not continue to play. However, if the dealer continues, then both hands are compared against one another and if the player’s hand is at a loss then all wagers are forfeited, whether they are Ante or Play. If the player wins the round then both the Ante and the Play are paid out 1:1. A tie would result in no payouts from the Ante or the Play.

Bonus Features

If you choose to play the Ante bet you would get a bonus for having a certain hand, with or without placing an additional bet. 3 of kind, straight flush or straight means that you will get a bonus payout even if you did not beat the dealer. The bonus value is determined by the amount in play on the table. This bonus feature makes for an interesting 3 card poker online game.


Some 3 card poker strategy for you: Always remember that the main aim of the game is to have the higher hand when playing the Ante Play, so fold if you think your hand will be lower than the dealer's. When playing Pair Plus you will always win regardless of whether or not you beat the dealer in the Ante game because Pair Plus is based on having a pair or better.

Some Card Rankings

The 3 Card Poker online casino game is different to most because it only has 3 cards dealt to the player instead of 5. This means that the card / hand rankings differ to other games as well. For example, three cards form a Straight Flush if they are in a sequence of the same suite and Three of a Kind is made up of three cards of the same ranking.


We at Vancouver Online Casino think that 3 Card Poker online casino game is an interesting, challenging game that will keep you interested for many hours. So, keep up that three card poker practice in order to get the most of this very popular game.