Abra Cadabra Live Show - Vancouver Casino Shows

Mama Mia, Dancing Queen, S.O.S., Take a Chance on Me, and many other wonderful songs are the ones you will enjoy hearing when you attend the Abra Cadabra Live Show, available for those who seek some great entertainment in Vancouver!

Abra Cadabra, the renowned band has gained its reputation during the past decade by supplying high quality and highly ranked shows around the whole world, including the best stages of Mexico, Kuala Lumpur, Florida, Singapore, and Orlando, and now it comes to entertain you in sweet beloved Vancouver! So if 70's music, lights, clothing and excitement is one of your favourites, the Abra Cadabra Live Show is sure to be a true joy for you and for your dearest friends and family.

When and Where is it all Happening? How Much Does it Cost?

Right at the end of the month, on April 30th, the Abra Cadabra Live Show will occur. The show will commence at 20:00 Pacific Daylight Time, and the doors will open for audience an hour earlier, so be sure to attend on time so you won't miss even one single moment!

The performance itself will be taking place at the Cascades Casino Summit Theatre on Langley, BC.

Regarding the fee, Rock.It Boy Entertainment is proud to announce the cost is merely $39.50 with minor additional fees for facility and Service Charges.

Who Can Come? Are there Pre-Conditions?

Well, there a few simple pre-conditions: each attender is required to be at least 19 years old or above. Therefore, the ability to present a valid identification indicating one's age is a must. Moreover, inability to present such identification will negate legitimacy for refunds, so please be sure to follow these directions. Other than that there are no significant pre-conditions. Simply be sure to buy your tickets in advance so they won't run out right before you wish to reserve your and your friends' own seats.

How Can I Guarantee My Arrival?

There are a few ways to do so. First of all you are welcome to call the line for reservations - 604-530-2211. In addition to that, the TicketWeb site is also a convenient way to make the reservations, for the online buyers.

A Facebook event is also booked already, so those who want a comfortable way to remember they attend, and want to share it to the world and invite all their friends and acquaintances can easily do that by using the Facebook event.

One way or another, Vancouver casino shows are just one phone call or a few clicks away!

I am Not Familiar With Abra Cadabra. Can I Watch a Preview of The Show?

Of course you can! And you are sure to be entertained! Out of the many live shows in Vancouver, Abra Cadabra Live Show has always captured great amounts of viewers very easily. All you have to do is search in YouTube or online after Abra Cadabra and existing videos of past shows will quickly appear on the searching results. The TicketWeb site also refers to a specific site on which there is further information about the band and the show. On this site great videos will be available for you to learn better about what you are about to see. Great music collections are exhibited in order to let you experience "Vancouver online" before you come to enjoy the real thing! If all of this is not enough for you, you will also be able to find pictures and videos of the incredible Abra Cadabra on Facebook. Thus, not only let yourself be impressed by getting to know them better, but also to share everything easily with all of your friends!

Wow, I LOVE Abra Cadabra! How Can I Hear Them More?

Many people LOVE Abra Cadabra, and for that reason exactly a variety of options are available for the wide crowd. By getting in touch with the bank you can even book this band for your next Corporate Event, Wedding, Private Party, Charity Event, Fundraiser or any other special event in which you would love to enjoy the wonderful music and great performance of Abra Cadabra.

What exactly is The Cascades Casino and What Else Will Be Available for Me There besides the Show? Will I be Able to Reside There?

Great that you asked! The Cascades Casino is a wonderful resort which supplies a large variety of entertainment in only one spot. Those of you who were looking for some valuable travel tips for Vancouver will be glad to learn more about the Cascades Casino! First of all, yes, you can reside there. The Cascades supplies its attenders a high quality hotel, fine looking and comfortable with ultimate different packages such as romantic, birthday, show night special and many more! You will surely find the one that fits best for your needs and desires.

Those of you who merely feel a bit hungry and want to grab something nice to eat will be able to opt between the Buffet, Glacier Bar and other options existing at the place. Nothing will stop you from being fully comfortable at Cascades!

Moreover, being a casino, Cascades of course does not forget to offer you the most important treat – games! Slots, table games and poker are all available for you to free the wild gambler that's inside. You can quickly become a member club of Cascades and enjoy further rewards on multiple offerings!

So, what are you waiting for? A wonderful band, a great place, and all you need to know easily reachable for you! Don't waste time and reserve your place!

April 30th, Cascades Casino Summit Theatre, 20:00 PM PDT