Enjoyable Blackjack online casino game

When looking into the Canadian casino games, apart from the slots, the Blackjack online casino game stands out as the most sought after and enjoyable game. The online blackjack Canada game is one where the actions of the player can really make a difference to the outcome of the game.

As with many of the Canadian casino games, the Blackjack online casino game may be tried out for fun prior to players placing real money bets, this is an important stage to enjoy as it gives the player a true insight into the game before he starts playing the online blackjack Canada real money game.

Understanding the Blackjack Online Casino Game Rules

In order to play blackjack online Canada game, the player needs to understand all of the rules of the game including the different options available and of course the aim of the game. In order to win the Blackjack online casino game the player needs to land a hand of 21 or as close to that value as possible.

The name of the game originates in the original winning hand of an Ace and Black Jack of Spades, today all of the face cards hold a value of 10 and together with an Ace can give the Blackjack win. In the game of Blackjack the Ace may hold a value of 1, known as hard Ace or a value of 11 known as a soft Ace. The player decides on the value based on the hand that he is dealt.

The game is actually very simple and easy to understand. The player initially places his first bet and then he is dealt two cards face up and the dealer, in the case of the online blackjack Canada real money game, the dealer is the casino, has two cards also, one face up and one face down.

At this stage it is up to the player to decide how to continue with the game. If the dealer’s card that is showing is an Ace the player may decide to take out insurance. The insurance is half the cost of the bet already placed and if the dealer does have a Blackjack hand, the player receives his insurance bet back at a value of 2:1. Other options that the player has include taking another card, splitting if his cards are the same, doubling down or surrendering.

Blackjack Online Casino Game Choices

A split choice when playing Blackjack online casino game will cost the player the value of the bet again and he will end up with two hands which is two games running simultaneously. A double down, involves placing an additional bet and receiving one more card in the belief that the player will win the round based on that one more card. Surrendering speaks for itself as does standing.

At some of the Vancouver online casino options there is also the option of playing multi-hand blackjack. This gives the player an opportunity to play more than one hand in a game, up to six in face. Each game is considered separately but against one dealer i.e. there are six hands playing against one dealer so the chance of winning is higher but the player is obviously exposed more, with more money placed in bets.

To play blackjack online Canada games is a challenge but it also offers many rewards and the chance to win money. With the choice of online blackjack Canada games there is also the opportunity of enjoying the welcome offers and bonus options given to the new and existing players at the Vancouver online casino that complement the players own investment in the games.