See Great White and Slaughter at the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver

Two of the biggest hard rock bands of the 1980s - Great White and Slaughter - are coming to the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver in October in an event you won't want to miss. Whether you lived through the 1980s and remember the sound, the haircuts, and the videos, or you have been catching up on the music that influenced today's hitmakers, this is a show that's guaranteed to hit all the right notes.

For a growing number of discerning fans, the golden age of rock concerts took place in the 1980s, and the highlight of the decade with the spectacle of sight and sound put on by the heavy metal and hard rock heroes of the day, And at the head of the line, bands like Great White and Slaughter earned massive reputations for their epic live performances.

There is simply no substitute for the intensity and energy of a hard rock performance by one of these top bands. And to be able to experience the raw power of that music in person in Vancouver is simply too much to pass up. So get your tickets today for the Vancouver casino and start getting ready for a head banging good time at any age.

Vancouver Event Tickets

Great White and Slaughter are two of the biggest names on the schedule for the Hard Rock Casino, a lineup that includes Grammy Award Winning artist Rob Thomas from the band Matchbox 20, the talented MetroSonics, and tribute bands for Roy Orbison and the Beatles.

The concerts in Vancouver promise to heat up the nights as the weather begins to grow cold before winter. Both Great White and Slaughter will be able to reach deep into their own bags of hits to deliver fan-pleasing sets that will display why they are still such a large draw for people with a taste of certain kind of music.

Great White, in particular, dominated the Billboard charts in the 1980s with massive hits such as Once Bitten, Twice Shy and House of Broken Love. The Twice Shy album, the bands second, sold well over 2 million copies and continues to rack up sales to this day. Not to be outdone, Slaughter not only hit the charts with songs such as Up All Night and Mad About You, but also influenced the next generation of hard rockets with their attitude and driving sound.

Concerts in Vancouver the Way They are Meant to Be

Vancouver has long enjoyed a strong reputation for its strong casino scene and its commitment to entertainment. So it's not surprising that the two should be melded so smoothly in Vancouver. People can come to test their luck at the poker table, the roulette wheel, or the slot machine. And whether they win or lose at the casino, they all win when it comes to live entertainment.

And that's why seeing Great White and Slaughter is such a treat. Two great bands join forces to provide their fans with a premium of hard rock excitement. All that can be before or after the thrills of the casino tables. For those who manage to get both experiences, it will be a day that stays with them for a long time.

So book your tickets for October 14 for the Molson Canadian Theatre for two rock legends who know what their fans want and how to give it them. And play a few rounds of slots to get the juices flowing before the show. It's a combination that is simply too good to be missed.