Jurassic Park

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for the slots competition of a lifetime. The captivating Jurassic Park slots is now available on download and online casino platforms to provide you with a thrilling online casino game of fun, excitement and big money prizes.  

Jurassic Park is a fun-filled online casino game which centers around themes of quests, bravery and  escapades. The online slot game appeals to gamers who are fascinated by science and science-fiction which allows them to engage in the futuristic adventure theme as they spin for real money prizes.

Jurassic Park Slot Game

The Jurassic Park slot machine is a casino favourite. When you play the Jurassic Park slot game you’ll meet brave scientists and explorers who match wits with menacing, genetically engineered dinosaurs to save the world. The1993 Jurassic Park movie was the inspiration for this exhilarating online slots game in which gamblers meet cloned dinosaurs who create havoc and threaten the human race. As you spin, you’ll follow the gripping narrative of prehistoric beasts who have seized control of the tropical Island.

As the Jurassic Park slot machine begins to spin, you can see how unchecked scientific technology can create chaos. A mogul has created a theme park on a remote island, allowing  dinosaurs to roam free. Mogul John Hammond arrives with four guests to visit the park, only to find that security lapses have allowed dinosaurs to be cloned. The cloned dinosaurs have now come to life and taken over the island paradise. As you spin you’ll  join John and his guests as they try to gain control over the cloned dinosaur embryos while struggling for their own survival. 

Online Jurassic Park Symbols

Orchestral music sets the stage for game excitement as the reels of Jurassic Park online slots start to spin.  The slots feature leading characters from the Jurassic Park film -- John Hammond, the millionaire who created Jurassic Park, the mathematician Ian Malcolm and two paleontologists – Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant. Some of the prehistoric age’s biggest and most fearsome dinosaurs also make appearances -- a huge tyrannosaurus rex, carnivorous velociraptors, a cumbersome triceratops, a long-limbed brachiosaurus and a speedy dilophosaurus. As the reels spin the symbols line up to signal a payout whenever you achieve three matching symbols across a pay way.

243 Ways to Win 

Jurassic Park is a 243 Ways to Win slots. 243 Ways to Win is a popular new feature in slots technology that gives you more chances to win than ever before. In a 243 Ways to Win game you have more ways to complete pay ways since you don't need to activate a payline in order to win a payout. Every time that a spin results in three matching symbols, with the first symbol on the left-most reel, you win. Mathematicians calculate that this element gives you 243 Ways to Win on every spin.

Special Features

In the Jurassic Park movie an amber-preserved mosquito set off a chain of events that enabled the cloning of the dinosaurs. By extracting DNA from a mosquito, Jurassic Park scientists were able to create an environment in which dinosaur DNA was cloned and new dinosaurs emerged. In the Jurassic Park slots, the mosquito becomes the game’s scatter symbol. Winning scatter combinations occur whenever two or more mosquitoes appear concurrently across the reels. If three or more mosquitoes emerge simultaneously, Jurassic Park Free Spins Game activates.

Jurassic Park Logo is the game’s Wild Symbol. It acts as a substitute for other symbols and creates winning pay ways. The Logo, a black skeleton of a T-Rex displayed on a red background, also creates Wild Stacks so you have even more substitution options. Up to five wild symbols display simultaneously on the same reel so you can make substitutions, complete more winning combinations and draw more payouts.

Jurassic Park Free Spins

When three scatter symbols emerge during a regular game, the Jurassic Park Free Spins Round activates. If a spin results in the appearance of three or more mosquito-scatter symbols, you can play any of the bonus game’s features:

  • Veliciraptor Game -- the Velociraptor feature gives you twelve Free Spins which include Multiplier Wilds and Split Wilds.
  • Triceratops  Game -- the Triceratops bonus game features 12 Free Spins which include Running Wilds.
  • Brachiosaurus Game -- the Brachiosaurus free spins game awards you 12 Free Spins with the inclusion of a Mystery Multiplier.
  • Dilophosaurus  Game - playing the Dilophosaurus free spins gives you 12 Free Spins which include Winning Wilds.
  • Tyrannosaurus Game -- the Tyrannosaurus Rex game features twelve Free Spins with the inclusion of Wild Reels.

Bonus T-Rex Alert

According to paleontologists, the T-Rex was the most fearsome dinosaur that ever existed. The  Jurassic Park slot machine features a T-Rex who appears randomly on the reels. Whenever T-Rex emerges, he distributes an additional 35 Wilds which remain on the reels for the following six spins.

Jurassic Park on Multiple Platforms

Jurassic Park is available for high-energy gambling entertainment on two gaming platforms. You can play Jurassic Park slots from the comfort of your own home on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download Casino or at the Instant Casino from your computer's browser.  Playing at the Instant version allows you to play on your friend's computer, or at any public computer like at work, the library or nearest computer coffee shop.