The Killer, Cash, and the King -- Together!

Who were three of the most influential musicians in the history of rock music? If you said Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley, you would be right. The Killer, Cash and the King are the giants of early rock and roll.

Each of these three genuine stars left a legacy on rock and roll that resonates with thousands of artists today. Could you imagine what magic would have been created if the three of them had ever gotten together to jam? Or what it would have sounded like if the Killer, Cash and the King performed together, one the same stage?

Few people know that this did actually happen one day on December 4, 1956. The three artists each came separately to deliver individual holiday greetings to music producer Sam Phillips. Phillips was the one who first discovered the talent of these artists and many more and is credited as having the biggest impact on the development of rock music. 

When they realized they were all under the same roof together they decided to play a little music. At that moment, the most famous, unscripted jam session in history took place. Now, that same jam session is being recreated at one of Vancouver's biggest concerts. With impeccable authenticity, three artists who are the foremost experts in the style of Lewish, Cash, and Elvis will be appearing on stage — together.

One of the Hottest Shows of the Year

This year, the Vancouver Hard Rock Casino is hosting one of the hottest shows of the year. The Killer, Cash and the King show is sure to be one of the most popular Vancouver events to look forward to. Recreating that special moment when three of the greatest musical legends of all time got together for an impromptu jam session. However, rather than a private session, it will now be as if all three artists appeared on stage at the same time, blending their utterly unique styles.

It’s simply an event that you do not want to miss. The styles of Lewis, Cash, and Elvis were so different and so special, that when they are put together, it is nothing short of magical. The artists who take on the roles have each spent their careers perfecting the look and sound of the legends. You can be forgiven if you believe you are actually listening and watching the actual stars in their prime.

Have Fun in the Midst of Great Entertainment

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