The Advantages of Playing at a Live Dealer Canadian Online Casino

Here’s a question that comes up quite often: Is it better to gamble at a bricks-and-mortar casino or at an online casino in Canada?  Let’s look at Vancouver online casinos vs Vancouver land-based casinos first.

Fantasy versus Reality

Everyone agrees that real-life is better than fantasy.  Nevertheless, we also enjoy our fantasies very much.  There are fantasy sports leagues, fantasy literature for men and women, fantasy television and movies.  You would agree that we spend our entertainment dollars on fantasy as much as we do on reality.  This brings us to reality TV, much of which is pure fantasy!

Many people contend that gambling at a land-based casino combines the reality of flesh and blood people with the fantasy of gambling.  In their view, the reality of the casino enhances the experience.  Essentially, the experience would be lacking without the reality.

Online casino gamers disagree.  So what, they say, about the so-called reality.  Travelling to a casino is time-consuming and expensive.  Even if the casino is in your backyard, so to speak, it still can take hours of travel to get there.  You will, in all likelihood want a hotel room and a meal in a restaurant.  The allure of the stage shows available in land-based casinos makes people shell out hundreds of dollars for a ticket.

As an online casino gamer, you say bosh to all that.  You have budgeted a reasonable amount of money for some responsible gambling and you don’t want to get enticed into having to add to that sum for travel, lodging, food, entertainment and so on.

You Can Get “Stuck” Far From Home

A final argument of the online gamers is very telling.  Let’s say you’ve gone to a land-based casino for a day of gaming fun and within the first few minutes you score a big win.  This can happen with slots at any time.  You may be the lucky person to win a big progressive jackpot.  If you were home, you likely would close out the casino and ask for your winnings!  But in a land-based casino, you may have to wait all day and some of tomorrow for your flight, your bus, your spouse, or your friends.  You will be far more likely to gamble away a large chunk of your windfall.  If you were at home you could immediately earmark the found money for a special project you were saving up slowly for.

The Best of Both Worlds

The fact is that you want the best of both worlds.  You want to thrill of the land-based casino but the convenience of the online casino.  You love the sound of the casino and at home you may only hear the neighbor’s kids fighting again.

Luckily, online casinos and land-based casinos have seen that both views are valid and are co-operating on a compromise solution that has been around for some years now but has really caught on only in the last few years.  This solution is: playing at a live dealer Canadian online casino!  

It seems totally fantastical yet the magic of computers, the internet, instant communication, and webcams have made it a reality.  Your live dealer Canadian online casino can draw from a live feed from a real land-based casino and bring you live casino gaming.  You can usually interact with the dealer or croupier.  Sometimes you can also interact with the other real life gamblers at the table!  The outcome of every play is determined by the game itself: the wheel in roulette, the cards in poker, blackjack, or baccarat.  The Random Number Generator, so important to guarantee the fairness of online gambling is nowhere to be found in the live dealer Canadian online casino simply because the live casino is…Live!

So, let’s delineate the advantages of playing at a live dealer Canadian online casino.

  • It’s a lot cheaper and much less time consuming to play at a live casino through your online casino.  There’s no travel, no hotel, no expensive restaurants.
  • As unfortunate as it may be, many land-based casinos attract a seedy type of person.  When you play at a live dealer Canadian online casino the only seedy person will be you if you haven’t shaved yet or if there are still some dishes in the sink! (LOL)
  • You can leave any time.  Of course, you can always get up and walk out of any casino but if you’re far from home you may not be able to get home so soon.
  • A Live Dealer at an online casino is still virtual but it’s not at all as anonymous as playing alone on your PC.
  • The live casino connection is one-directional.  You can see them but they can’t see you.
  • You can interact with the dealers and the players.  This is done through live chat.  You also hear the background sounds of the casino.  If a big whoop and holler goes up from the craps table, you’ll hear it.
  • Some people gamble only at a live dealer Canadian online casino.  Despite all assurances that the online casino is 100% fair, they prefer to see a real roulette wheel or real cards being dealt.
  • Live dealer games go more slowly.  That’s because the human element is involved.  Many gamers love the slower pace of live dealer Canadian online casino games.

The Pleasure is Yours

There are clear advantages to playing at a live dealer Canadian online casino.  Be that as it may, we understand that it’s not enough for everyone.  Some people prefer the ambience of being at the land-based casino.  Some people who only play online, never go to the live casino.  Then there are a growing mass of people who generally prefer online casinos but also love live casinos and have found the perfect compromise: playing at a live dealer Canadian online casino.