Terminator 2

The Terminator 2 online slot game offers Canadian gamers a riveting gambling experience. The game involves a gripping science fiction-themed game, 243 Ways to Win, Free Spins Rounds and a fun-filled T-800 Vision feature, all of which combine to add to the game’s entertainment and increase payouts. Terminator 2 for Canadians is based on the popular movie which followed the protagonists as they struggled to survive and save the human race.

Science-Fiction Excitement

When you play Terminator 2 online game you’ll be thrust into a world of the future but you’ll be spinning the reels to earn real money prizes that pay out in the present. Your gaming skills will be tested as you compete for cash in this compelling contest of online gambling suspense and thrills. Terminator 2 slots is a five reel, 300 coin slot machine challenge in which you join forces with the original Terminator who has returned from the future in order to protect John Conner, the destined future leader of the Resistance. As you spin you’ll follow John and his mother, Sarah, who are on the run from the ruling machines who wish to destroy them.  

You can play Terminator 2 at the Download Casino from the comfort of your own home on your laptop or desktop console. If you’d rather not download the casino onto your computer, no problem.  Terminator 2 is also available on the Instant Casino right through your computer's browser.   This version allows you to play on your friend's computer, your work computer, at the library or at your favorite computer cafe.   No matter where you play, you're in for a high-energy game of satisfying Las Vegas fun and excitement.

Terminator 2 Canadian Slots

Terminator 2 slots follows up on the popular Terminator film. In the movie, Sarah Conner and her young son John must race against time to evade the new, menacing Terminator who has usurped the old Terminator and allied himself with the dictatorial, ruling machines.  As you spin the reels you’ll enter the world of the future in which The Machines, have recognized that John Conner is destined to become the future leader of the Resistance and will fight against their rule over humans. The machines must eliminate John and they send T-1000, the new Terminator, to do the job. New, upgraded T-1000 Terminator goes back in time, to the year 1995, with the intention of killing John so that the threat that he poses to the Machines’ ruling order will be removed.

Old Terminator, however, never forgot John. He is determined to protect the boy and his mother so that John can grow up to take his destined place as the leader of the struggle against the Machines. Terminator 2 slots follow John, Sarah and Old Terminator as they struggle to survive.

243 Ways to Win

Terminator 2 is one of the new, popular 243 Ways to Win Canadian slots games. In a 243 Ways to Win slots you have two hundred and forty three permanently enabled pay ways on every spin which gives you more chances than ever to complete pay way combinations and win payouts. Whenever three matching symbols emerge on adjacent reels, with the first symbol on the left-most reel, you’ve completed a winning pay way and earned a payout. It doesn't matter whether the icons appear on the top, middle or bottom of the reels – as long as you achieve three matching symbols on three consecutive reels you have a win. All Terminator 2 bet amounts automatically multiply by x30 in every win, regardless of the number of coins that you bet.

Terminator 2 Slots Symbols

Slot symbols include Sarah, John and the Old Terminator. There are also images of  futuristic icons which set the stage for the battle that will take place between human heroes and ruling machines. Robotic animations emerge across the reels along with 3D graphics and clips from the Terminator 2 movie to complement the metallic overlays which depict the war against machines.

T2 is the game Wild symbol. T2 substitutes for any other symbol so you can create additional completed pay ways. T2 Wild can build its own winning combinations whenever multiple T2 icons appear concurrently along a pay way. 

The Orb icon is the Scatter symbol. The Orb symbol creates completed scatter combinations whenever two or more Orbs appear together. If three or more orbs occur concurrently the bonus game is triggered to present you with free spins and additional chances to complete combinations and earn payouts.

T-800 Vision Bonus Feature

The T-800 Vision feature activates randomly throughout the regular game and during the Free Spins. The appearance of John, Sarah, Terminator T-1000 and T-800 icons signal multiplied payouts. During the T-800 Vision Feature you only need one scatter to activate Free Spins.

Slots Online Free Spins

Whenever three scatters appear during the regular game, or one scatter appears during the T-800 Vision round, you receive ten free spins. The Hot Mode feature appears randomly, increasing your win percentage. If the T-1000 symbol emerges during the Free Spins it transforms, giving you the highest payout on the spin that triggered its appearance. During the Free Spins the 243 Ways to Win switches to 1024 Ways to Win for more win opportunities than ever.

So whenever and wherever you choose to play, be ready for some high action fun and payouts.