Vancouver Festival of Lights

While in Vancouver, after you have seen the lights flashing at the casino from all your wins, take some time and come and look at the enchanted Vancouver Festival of Lights. A masterpiece of a display, with over one million lights, this grand event, will surely give you a delightful experience that you will never forget. The Vancouver Festival of Lights is one of the most beautiful arrangements of lights in the world. In the backdrop of the stunning Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, it is a wonderful exhibition that will even impress Santa. 

The Place to Be

Vancouver, Canada is the home to some very famous places such as the Vancouver Aquarium, Grouse Mountain, and the Vancouver Lookout. The awe-inspiring Vancouver Festival of Lights event is happening this winter from December 1, 2016, to January 2, 2017. Keeping in line with the city’s excellence array of sensual delights and beauty, the Vancouver Festival of Lights has increased their show that now contains a new carousel. As a complementary bonus, all customers who enter this majestic Jubilee will receive a free ride on the carousel. 

Vancouver is a humming harbour on the west coast of British Columbia. People from around the world have immigrated to Vancouver. The diverse ethnic and cultural communities join together to sponsor awesome events and cultural exhibitions. Vancouver is where Canada’s most concentrated population resides. Encircled by majestic mountains and a thriving seaport, it is no wonder why people from around the world have flocked to this lovely city for Vancouver fun. The city can boast of its trendy filming location, its varied art galleries, theatres, museums and music locations. 

A Double Christmas Treat

Though Van Dusen’s Botanical Garden in Vancouver, Canada is a treat to see any time of the year, it is even more enjoyable during the month of December. No matter your age, from young to old, anyone who gets the opportunity to experience such marvels will enjoy the presentation of nature and man's’ fusion in creative perfection at the Vancouver Festival of Lights.

2015 was a record year with over 110,000 guests visiting the show. Organisers have said that this year, 2016 will be even bigger. 

Vision of Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Coordinators of the Vancouver Festival of Lights at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden have insight as well as foresight. They preserve the beauty of the distinguished garden with plant preservation, and biodiversity. The Botanical Garden is highly treasured by the local residents of Vancouver, and the garden is famous around the world. 

Ticket Purchase

Tickets can be purchased in advance at Visit Tickets Tonight, an outlet selling tickets for Ticketmaster. Tickets for various events can be acquired online or physically at the ticket stand situated within the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre. To receive a 50% discounts on tickets, you must purchase them at the Burrard Street box office the same day of the event.

Bring the whole family with the Family Package of $36.00. Gates open in the afternoon at 4:30 and stay open until 10:00 pm. They will be open every day except for Christmas day. You can purchase tickets online, or at the gate. 

What You Can Expect at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens During Christmas

Besides the million impressive lights at the Vancouver Festival of Lights, you can watch a dancing light show on Livingstone Lake, slated every thirty minutes. Keep an eye out for Scandinavian elves and reindeer. Mosey to the Make-A-Wish candle grotto. Make sure you have your camera as the displays are awesome. The shows go on for approximately eight minutes. Events to please the whole family include live concerts, puppet shows, and some quality time with Santa. You will be mesmerised by all the colours of the lights reflecting from the several ponds and the dazzling images from the different gardens. 

Objective of the Gardens

The aim of the folks at the Botanical Gardens is to encourage people that travel to Vancouver to better appreciate the dynamic and vibrant significance of plant life in all its diversities of botanical assortments. Whatever your walk in life may happen to be, the quality of the garden’s collections will surely impress you.

The Van Dusen Botanical Garden is situated at 5251 Oak Street, smack in the centre of Vancouver. Because of its central locality, reaching the Van Dusen Botanical Garden is simple.
Though there is no charge for parking, it is advisable to come early as parking is limited. Because Vancouver tries to be a green city, transportation choices are walking, the public bus, and bicycling. 

The Vancouver Online Casino 

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Have Fun While in Vancouver

Besides the many spectacular Vancouver events to experience during the day, Vancouver’s nightlife scene is as thrilling and electrifying. Vancouver is a casual city with easy-going residents. There is lots to do at night as Vancouver has great pubs, restaurants, discos and night clubs. If you want to take in a music performance, you have a choice from county-and-western to jazz, rock and roll, at a number of rousing casinos. Make a plan to travel Vancouver this December and see the light!