How Old do You Have to Be to Gamble in Canada?

If you are wondering how old you need to be in order to gamble in Canada, the answer is 19. The reason that there is an age limit is to protect minors from spending money because it can be difficult to be responsible. In Canada, minors don’t have the same responsibilities and obligations that adults do, so it only makes sense for gambling to be included as an adult activity.

Internet Download Casino Games Vancouver, Canada

When you download casino games from the internet you can play right through the casino console. This is a quick and convenient way to play all of your favourite games, with peace of mind. Another way to play casino games online is by going directly to the website of the online casino. One cool thing about downloading an online casino is that you will get to play way more games than if you were to visit a website.

What Casinos are New and Open in Canada? 2019 Online Casino List

So, which casinos are new and open in Canada? With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to play. New casinos offer bigger joining bonuses, which is what makes them so popular. One thing to keep in mind though is that sometimes there are kinks that new casinos are still working out. Canada is really open when it comes to online casinos and so long as a casino meets the requirements, it is legal here.